Project presented at the International Festival “Danza Urbana”- "Dance Without Boundaries", realized with the contribution of the Institute Minguzzi  and Teatri Solidali  Network. 

 "4Arts Italy" young student mobility aimed at a European event, in its ninth year, Italy is home to approximately 40 students in the four disciplines of the arts therapies from all over Europe for a Creative Camp. 

Museum in Motion

5 e 6 settembre 2014

Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

Via delle Belle Arti, 56 - Bologna


"Teatri solidali", a project of inclusion for disabled adults and volunteering at educational Institute "G. Salvemini" Casalecchio Bologna. 

LLP Grundtvig Workshop: "Italian Architecture & Tactile Photography". Training project for adults, with finality inclusive. Participation of visually impaired people in collaboration with The Institute for the Blind "Cavazza" of Bologna.

TV Streaming



Territorial Youth in Action 1.2: "Intercultural video blog". The project has developed an intercultural dialogue through the use of new technologies and involved young people aged 14 to 25 years, including some young people with Down syndrome and at risk of exclusion.