Keynote title

SFA - Solution Focused Approach



SFA is an amazing tool that helps build rapid desired change in all areas of life. It can be used with individuals, groups, families, ranging from business to therapy. SFA is something we use more and more every day. The goal will be to show, what we can achieve and how SFA can help us in the practice. The tool was created with the need to get results faster, and shorten the length of time people needed to acquire change. It is focused on the belief that people already have the resources and capabilities necessary to make the positive changes they want, wish or desire. We will focus on what works, explore desired future or outcomes and track past successes, situations and experience with the aim to discover, amplify and strengthen the existing abilities, strategies and resources. By applying these techniques, together we can co-create change.





A. Biba Rebolj, FRSA, PhDc and Creative Director at Ribalon