Keynote title

Planned Social development

The transition from natural organic social development to the planned social development.

Fundatia Orizont will talk about planned social development who need enhanced skills of social networking, planning and time management in a society that is always. Better prepared workforce, along with socially aware citizens can positively influence the social economic development. 


The direction that the development takes is influenced by the population's awareness of opportunities. Increasing awareness leads to greater aspiration, which releases greater energy that helps bring about greater accomplishment, reinforcement of the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, active participation of the youth, improvement of the linguistic skills and the intercultural awareness of the participants.


The project presented came after a careful observation of the region and its citizens, lacking social evolution and economic development. So the question and the focus is how can the social development be accelerated. Orizont Foundation tried for several years to impact different layers of society through our projects, some dedicated to teachers and educational skill, some dedicated to students, some for boosting entrepreneurship. 


Orizont also developed social economy structures in order to improve equal access to employment and participation in the labour market for adult groups generating activities and creating new jobs and business initiatives. 


Natural development is distinct from development created with government initiatives and planning. Natural development is the spontaneous and unconscious process of development that normally occurs. It is also unconscious in the sense that society achieves the results without being fully conscious of how it did so. Planned development is the result of deliberate conscious initiatives by the government to speed up development through special programs and policies. 


The talk is rounding the concept of awareness, recognition, recognize, trust and respect, when we respect the others as creators and help remove constraints from their paths we too are leading to a society of great freedom and inspiration. The presentation shall cover the transition from natural to planned social development as a key to unlocking individual innovation. Advantages and disadvantages also will be discussed along with evolution of the model and impact.





Radu Alexandru Guran, Zdrancota Radu Marian