Keynote title

Streetwork: innovation and participation

Participation is one of these fashionable terms that we frequently come across in educational, economic, social or political agenda, to the extent that they become trivialized and end up sounding empty. Social participation is therefore something that we aspire to, but what is it? The objective of this session is to specify what we understand by social participation as we would have it, by looking in detail at this praxis and its impacts. Social Participation in Social Street Work approach is quite simply the possibility for individuals to intervene in everything related to their life.

CAI is a recent association but whose founding members are key professionals involved in social intervention, as drug prevention projects focused in the nightlife settings working both with target population as with stakeholders (industry, staff other actors). Education both no-formal and informal, and community intervention. Some of them are experienced trainers in areas as social intervention and health and drug Addiction, Human rights children rights, and social street work methodology for Youth workers. Also they have had an extensive experience in direct work with young people on several contexts and Youth workers.








Helder Luiz Santos, Fatima Ferreira