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Social Innovation in Macedonia


Our organization is very active in trainings, which aim to train the high school students how to understand and solve conflicts during the whole school year. At the end, these trainings result with two final activities: the performance of two dramas based on different types of conflicts written and performed by the high school students, and the competitive final debate, where student’s debate regarding particular topics related to peace, conflicts or other actual problems in their life. Furthermore, different experts in the field of conflicts and other related fields hold lectures in front of the students in order to introduce them to the theoretical background of the conflicts. Furthermore, each year we tend to celebrate the Peace Day, Earth Day, Book Day etc. Due to the International Peace Day a humanitarian event was organized. Through different kinds of art such as pictures and poems were shown different forms of peace. The accumulated money were donated to the children with special needs.Lately we have organized two projects about Leadership which was addressed to students in Skopje. The first one was: “Building quality reports and increasing personal influence in a social group”, an adapted program from Michigan University.

What are the basics of the power of each individual? How to increase the power of our influence? How and why do we need these skills, approach and techniques? What are the styles of leadership? How to build and communicate the vision? Elements to be included in articulating the vision? To understand the behaviors and needs of the people to motivate and inspire them? These were some of the questions that were discussed during the workshops.In the second project, which is a projects based in international course from an NGO based in Ireland called “Lucca Leadership”, we had the chance to participate in this project called “Transformational Leadership Foundations”. This course was designed to help people explore, understand and practice transformational leadership. Through this, participants will be able to meet the needs of their community and society in which you live through service as a transformational leader, and help to bring about change that uplifts those in thouches. The key areas explored on the course were: The need for Leadership in the world, The human frameworks, Transformational Leadership, Transformational Leadership Disciplines, Transformational Leadership Styles, Case studies on Transformation and Making the difference – from intent into action.As for Erasmus + project, in 2016 Racio was part of 2 projects in Turkey; both of them were about Unemployment, Entrepreneurship and Future Carrier. The first one was held in Nidge, region near Adana and the second one was in Aydin, near Izmir. For 2017 we have been informed that there are some projects coming up which has already been approved and we are partner from Macedonia.




Arben Vila

Erblin Braimi