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SoJuEn: Social Junior Enterprise


Social Innovation is a generic term to indicate those innovations which can be considered “social” both in their aims and in their means. They are new ideas (products, services and models) that satisfy social needs (in a more effective way in comparison with other alternatives) and create new relations and collaborations at the same time. These ideas are a benefit for the society and they also improve its functioning. Often they lead to better solutions to face the most difficult social problems of our times: unemployment, cronic deseases, social

exclusion, poverty, etc..

Often, these ideas grow out of collaborations among public and private sectors, civil society and families. New technologies are widely used and some of the ideas that were born from these collaborations are now part of our daily life: from microcredit to rural communities, to

web platforms connecting teachers with students (only to mention some examples).


When we talk about social innovation we don’t refer only to generous and virtuous ideas; we talk about results in terms of benefit for the society and its economy and in terms of competitiveness, growth and employability.

Social innovation is social in its inner nature, it originates from the sharing of ideas and collaborations to fully materialize its potential. Above all, the values lying at the basis of social innovation are our dearest ideals: solidarity, inclusion and equity.


SoJuEn originates from the most compelling social needs and problems

such as:

- youth unemployment

- the educational gap between University and labour market

- the need for a kind of local innovation taking care of the

citizens’ requests and participation.. In this context the new generations can become promoters of a social change that responds to the challenges and needs of the community. Creativi108 thinks the young people can offer a new perspective, a new way to see reality and to transform it, creating added values from which the whole society can benefit...they only need the tools to do it!


SoJuEn is a training to self-entrepreneurship and non formal

education for s ocial innovators . The idea was born from the will to use the new techniques of social innovation in a context of active participation.

SoJuEn project wants to support youth self-entrepreneurship and the local initiatives of social innovation in order to create benefits from the development of these ideas and projects for the whole community.

In such a historical moment, unemployment is one of the main problems that young generations have to face at the end of their educational career. Social innovation is still quite an unexplored field and it offers countless entrepreneurial opportunities. For this reason and the ones listed above, Creativi108 believes in the importance of promoting and supporting social innovation in the local and national territory. 




Giorgia Petrozza/ Miriam Trolese






Italy - Bologna