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I'M Lab

The origins

The Cultural Association Khorakhanè was born ten years ago in Abano Terme (PD, Italy). It was founded by a group of young people joined by a strong bond of friendship and desire to give life to events, cultural activities and social aggregation. From the beginning, the idea is to

provide stimulation and to carry out initiatives and opportunities, so that young people can put into play their talents, skills and abilities, working and learning together along the way. 

The topics

The topics have been developed and carried out thanks to individuals’ spirit of initiative and their willingness to share interests and ideas. The themes are numerous, but all share tackle questions of general interest As a matter of fact, in the last few years Khorakhanè has addressed the community with cultural and social proposals focused on:

• protection of human rights;

• protection of the environment ;

• active citizenship;

promotion of intercultural knowledge;

• spreading new life-styles based on sustainable production and consumption;

• social integration;

• promotion of art, music and culture ;

• the participation of young people in public life.


Khorakhanè today

In these recent years, the association has grown considerably in the number of participants, in fact it currently counts about 50 young people aged between 20 and 30 years. Moreover, the positive social and cultural impact on the Veneto territory has been consistently growing through the realization of events, projects and partnerships with many non-profit organizations at a local, regional and national level.


At the end of December 2014 is expected to open the cultural workshop I'M managed by Association Khorakhané. The cultural workshop was created to offer services of a cultural and artistic type that will engage different subjects of the community (youth, disadvantaged individuals, public agencies, private profit and non-profit organizations, families, etc.) combining at the same time the needs of the market with the principles of fairness and environmental sustainability and equal opportunities. The workshop aims to be a place that is open to the territory, which objectives are to promote collaboration, learning and good practice i order to build a sustainable and supportive future.


The Cultural Laboratory consists of three areas:

1. co - working: a space of conception and design, within which to facilitate mergers between sensitivity and diverse education which support and stimulate each other

2. area events: dedicated to the creation of artistic events, musical events, cultural studies, aggregation and social integration

3. workshop: where you can give vent to the realization of structures, furnishings and stage







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