Keynote title

Emotional Leadership


With EU Center the keynote will develop the argument of Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion as tools that reverse the damage of chronic stress and build great leadership relationships. Great leaders move people through resonant relationships. Resonant relationships occur when the leader and the people around them are in sync or in tune. EU Center examines the psychological and physiological process with which our bodies and minds experience stress and how it hinders openness to new ideas, people and emotions. Chronic annoying stress causes cognitive, emotional and perceptual impairment.


Emotional, social and cognitive intelligence competencies are the drivers of effective leadership, management and professional jobs. The talk will also guide the participants through Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors (PEA and NEA), which are states that enable change, and help us become open to it. We need the NEA to survive and the PEA to strive and flourish.





Hristofor Hristov & Hristofor Ivanov