Social Innovation: Methods & Skills

The mobility activities are addressed to the following countries: UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Malta.


The social innovation, supported by Creativi108, is the process of project planning, development and growth of new ideas able to overcome social problems.

Social innovation means the use of new technologies and new organisational protocols.

The strategy promoted by our association wants to support the development of a team of social innovators for the construction of ideas and solutions useful for the entire community.

Our challenge is to become more competitive through talent, innovation and internationalisation. The aim is to support the objectives of the programme Erasmus+, to develop social capital and talent among the staff in their lifelong learning. 


The staff involved will enhance the management skills of the association in order to identify quality methodologies in the coordination of European projects, improve the use of social media, strengthen English language skills, and gain experience as a team of social innovators. The capacity to transfer new competences to the community will create social events open to everybody. Webdoc platforms  results will be disseminated and discussed on a round table between non-profit and representatives of local institutions.

will soon be on line the webdoc by Giulio di Meo